• Location: Awasari, Pune
  • Year of Completion: 2023
  • Project Duration: 45 Days

288 Beded MGPS System like Liquid Oxygen tank 13 KL, Medical Air Plant, Medical Vacuum Plant, Oxygen Manifold, Bed Head Panels.

Project Overview

Shubham EPC executed the Healthcare Infra Work project for the Shivneri Jumbo Covid Center in Awasari, Pune. The project involved installing a 288 Beded MGPS system, including a 13 KL liquid oxygen tank, medical air plant, medical vacuum plant, oxygen manifold, and bed head panels.

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The Public Works Department has a rich history of over 150 years in the state, responsible for constructing and maintaining roads, bridges, and government buildings. They also serve as a technical advisor to the State Government, overseeing irrigation, public building maintenance, and more.

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