• Location: Mumbai
  • Year of Completion: Ongoing
  • Project Duration: 12 Months

Our turnkey-based solution encompassed the construction of an Integrated Digital Operation Theatre, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a Surgical Intensive Care Unit (17 beds) and Post Surgical & Recovery Unit (17 beds)

Project Overview

The contract period spanned 12 months, and the contract value amounted to INR 321 million. Notable features of this project included the implementation of MGPS (Medical Gas Pipeline System) and MOT (Medical Oxygen Tank) work, with 34 bedded MGPS systems. The facility included a total of 6 ICU beds and 28 non-ICU beds, along with 34-bed head panels and 3 modular operation theatres.

Elevating Healthcare Environments
for Enhanced Well-being!


Sir JJ Hospital, Saint George Hospital, Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital, and Cama and Albless Hospital. Collectively, these institutions form a formidable conglomerate dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services and driving advancements in medical practices in the region

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Elevating Healthcare Environments
for Enhanced Well-being!