• Location: Pune
  • Year of Completion: 2017
  • Project Duration: 24 Months

This project is awarded by **** GRIHA rating

Project Outline:
Construction of Administrative building in the campus of Collector Office, Pune.

Project Overview

This project stands out for its remarkable entrance plaza structure, boasting an impressive column-free space spanning 20 meters in width and 25 meters in height. The building comprises three wings: A and B wings encompass the ground plus four floors, while the C wing gracefully rests atop the A and B wings as the fifth floor. Covering a substantial construction area of 19,374.01 square meters, the project stands as a testament to sustainable design, as it is crafted as a green building and registered for GRIHA Certification in the prestigious Five Star category.

Constructing Innovative Administrative
Buildings for the Future!

Public Sector

The client, PWD, has applied their exceptional expertise to create this magnificent project for the benefit of the public

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