VVIP Circuit House, Pune


Public Works Department

Contract Period

18 Months

Contract Value

Approx. INR 350 million

Plot Area

13989.0 Sq M

Built up Area

6912.53 Sq M.
Detail Oriented

Project Overview

VVIP Circuit house is designed as green building where planning is derived from vernacular architecture – The shaded courtyard, transition spaces like passages and terraces, jalis in form of louvers carry vernacular ethos in highly contemporary architectural style. Our focus here is to design a climate responsive building with passive strategies for thermal and visual comfort along with innovative active strategies to achieve energy efficient green building.


A Guest house for the VVVIP People including C.M. & DCM Suites. 5-Star Green Rated Buildings


Construction of VVIP Circuit House, Pune


Client – Public Works Department


Queens Garden, Camp, Pune
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