• Location: Queens Garden, Camp, Pune
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Project Duration: 18 Months

A Guest house for the VVIP including
C.M. & DCM Suites. 5-Star Green Rated Buildings

Project Outline:
Construction of VVIP Circuit House, Pune

Project Overview

Green Design Inspired by Vernacular Architecture at VVIP Circuit House Vernacular architecture serves as the inspiration for the design of the VVIP Circuit House, which incorporates shaded courtyards, transition spaces, and gels in the form of louvers. The contemporary style of the building incorporates traditional elements to create a climate-responsive structure with passive strategies for thermal and visual comfort. Innovative active strategies are also utilized to achieve energy efficiency in this green building

Constructing Innovative Administrative
Buildings for the Future!

Public Sector

Shubham EPC successfully executed the construction of the VVIP Circuit House in Pune. This project included the creation of a guest house for VVVIP individuals, including C.M. & DCM suites.

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