MEP Engineering and its need for today.

In construction industry, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (alias MEP) mentions or refers to the planning and designing in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems including developing polices, standards, inspection procedures, performance and cost-estimation, construction planning etc.

Image: MEP Project executed by MEP Company in India.

An MEP Company has all the proficiency in the MEP engineering space starting form preparation and reviews of drawings, specifications and cost estimates for the mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing systems that is needed for a particular project.

Image: Reference MEP Project Design for understanding purpose only of a reputed MEP Companies in India.

MEP Companies like Shubham EPC make the construction lively with all the MEP elements in place and making it possible for the project owners to get the desired systems in place.

MEP Companies today, perform a wide number of turnkey services that is, Mechanical Engineering/HVAC Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Energy Management, Lighting Design, Communication Technologies, Commissioning and Sustainable Designing. All these services are integral part of MEP Project that make life simple for any project owner.

Image Reference: MEP work at a site by a MEP Company in Pune. (Mechanical)

MEP Companies in Pune like Shubham EPC are amongst the top 10 MEP Companies in India which follow all the MEP Engineering processes and guidlines for a successful project. Few of the MEP Projects that MEP Companies like Shubham EPC executed are New Technology Centre at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), IOCL Project etc. many more can be visited at

EPC for large-scale and complex infrastructure projects.

What does EPC & EPC Company Stand for? EPC is basically Engineering, Procurement & Construction & EPC Company stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company that delivers a complete package of resources to complete infrastructure projects. EPC services typically provide a single responsible source for executing a project, thus alleviating risk for the owner.

Image key: Collector Office Pune. A turnkey EPC Project

EPC Companies in construction industry whether it’s for government contracts like IISER or for healthcare industry like Bharti Hospital or some oil & gas company like IOCL undertakes three important components of a project:

  • Engineering & Design: Where the EPC company carries out the detailed engineering design for the complete project.
  • Procurement: Where the EPC company procures all the necessary materials and equipment to execute the design for the project.
  • Construct: Where the contractor builds the facility in a ready to commission state to the project owner i.e. Government, Private etc.

What is a EPC Contract? : A Turn Key Contract for EPC Companies

An EPC Contract is a risk mitigation & management document for the project. EPC Contracts are basically executed to transfer the risk of the project to the EPC Company like Shubham EPC or any other. This contract makes the contractor responsible for all the project activities from the design phase through the construction phase and then to handover to the project sponsors. (Project Sponsor is ideally the owner or financer of the project

Image key: IASYS, An industrial EPC site by Shubham EPC

The contract makes the EPC Companies in Pune like Shubham EPC responsible for all the design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and handover activities of the project, leaving the owner with no responsibilities.

Once the EPC Contract is signed between the EPC Company & the Project Owner, the project owner has less or no control of the project except checking on the timelines of the project. Ideally these contracts are fixed cost contracts and hence lesser risk for project owners.

Overall EPC is a term for turnkey project contractors which deals in large scale & complex infrastructure projects.  

Shubham EPC is a professional EPC Contractor in Pune and has been pioneering this industry in top 10 EPC companies in India.

Advantages of EPC mode of Project Execution

Each infrastructure project envisages different kind of services like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, IT etc. including necessary designing & planning. For timely completion of the project, coordination between all service providers is of utmost importance.

However, by & large, it is the experience of all that, if different service providers are engaged for different services of the project, the duration of project execution gets delayed & overall quality gets compromised due to lack of coordination between different service providers. It also results into the cost overrun of the project.

Whereas, in EPC mode of execution, all services will be provided by the same agency & project could be completed in time bound manner with enhanced quality standards. This mode of execution can eliminate the ill effects causing due to time over run as well as cost over run. Thus EPC mode of execution is advantageous than other mode of execution.

Shubham EPC is a great example of EPC Companies in India, that show great quality work & timely delivery.

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